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The Wisdom of Harold and His Purple Crayon

Ahh the wisdom of children’s books… One of the gifts of motherhood has been rediscovering children’s books.View full post »

Finding Beauty… Fighting Comparison

I came across this quote by Bob Goff last week and it really has had me thinking. Aren’t those words so true? We hearView full post »

5 in 365: The Five Lessons I Learned One Year After My Leap of Faith

This month I am celebrating an exciting milestone in my life. A year ago, I took my biggest leap of faith yet andView full post »

Your Year In Review

As someone who likes to over-process, over-analyze, and over-reflect on life’s major and minor transitions, New YearView full post »

The Middle

Have you ever felt like you were in The Middle?  You have some distance from your past or from that life-changing eventView full post »

The Truth about Forgiveness

Forgiveness.  This one word elicits so many questions.  How do you forgive?  How do you know you have forgivenView full post »

Voice Lessons

Long before I was a counselor or teacher or wife or mother, I was a singer.  There have been so many years and lifeView full post »