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Wanna Read-Along?




Well, can you believe we are just days away from the start of August?  I really feel like this summer has flown by!  Before you know it, kids will be back in school, the days will be getting shorter, and we will all settle back into our “normal” routines.   As I have shared before, summer is my time to step back and slow down.   But in my stepping back and slowing down, it is also my time to think and plan for upcoming events and things I would like to do in the fall.  So today I’m taking the first step in checking one of my fall goals off the list!

Way back when this blog was just a thought in my mind, one of the ideas I had was to hold read-alongs.   I love to read and discuss books  so having a read-along through the blog seemed like a natural fit.  This fall I want to make that little idea a reality and hold the first Voice Lessons for Today Read-Along!

Here is where I would love your help…  I have been tossing around some book ideas for this inaugural read-along, but I am really curious to hear what books have inspired  you or that you’ve always wanted to read.   I would love to know what you would like to read together.   I’m looking for book suggestions that fall into the inspirational/self-help/spirituality and faith/learning to live a fuller life type category.  If you wouldn’t mind, leave me a comment with book suggestions, we’ll pick a book, and go from there!   I look forward to reading and growing together this fall!

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Carter - Mazi! LOVE THIS POST and this beautiful idea!
As for suggestions for “read alongs,” ANYTHING THAT BARBARA BROWN TAYLOR writes is always up my alley — and for however many reads and re-reads. She is a muse, hero, and inspiration for me. Anne Lamott is another favorite, and her most recent “Stitches” is fabulous, in addition to anything and everything else she publishes. Richard Rohr has a wonderful book called “Falling Upward,” and he and Henri Nouwen are the two gents that really move me, and they are all more in the spiritual vein.

Hope that helps, my friend, and I’ll see what else springs up in my heart to share…


Stephanie - Mazi, that sounds so fun!! I’ve been wanting to read anything by Brene Brown.

Ellen - I love the idea of a read along! I was going to suggest Barbara Brown Taylor’s latest book, Learning to Walk in the Dark.

Ceil - I found your blog as a result of searching for a Certified Daring Way Facilitator in the Atlanta area. As a relative newcomer to Brene Brown’s work, I would be interested in a read-along of any of her books. The one that prompted me to seek more information about Brown today is The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are.
I see that someone has suggested reading anything by Barbara Brown Taylor or Richard Rohr. I would be interested in books by either of these writers.

Nikki - I am interested in reading books by Brené Brown but would participate with the group regardless of what book is chosen. I think this is a phenomenal idea. Thanks!