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Summer Lovin’ (and an Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!)

Well, Hello Summer!  It is so good to see you!  So many images and thoughts come to mind when you think of summer.  Whether it’s Ella smoothly crooning about livin’ easy or Will Smith reminding us it’s time to sit back and unwind, for most of us summer is our time to slow down, relax, and reset ourselves.

There are so many sights, sounds, and even smells that go along with summer.  Waves rolling into the beach.  Orange and pink sunsets.  Lightening bugs.  Crickets chirping.  The crack of the bat and the cheer of the crowd.  Citronella wafting through the night air. Yes, summer has a way of tickling all our senses.

This is the season of the year where it is okay to stay up a little later, have one more cookie because hey it’s summer, or linger a little longer over your al fresco dinner.  It is almost as if Summer means doing the things you don’t have time to do or don’t give yourself permission to do the rest of the year.   Here is what summer means to me and why I am looking forward to this summer in particular!


  1. My Nike shortsNike-Womens-Race-Shorts
    You know the game stranded island where you list the things you would want to have with you if you were stranded on an island?  If I were stranded on an island, I would want to have my Nike shorts.  I love them.  No, I mean I LOVE them.  They are literally the most comfortable item of clothing I have ever put on my body.  No, I’m not a runner, and yes, I am that person who wears athletic gear without being the least bit athletic.  But whatever because summer means I get to wear my Nike shorts as often as possible!
  2. My Happy Placelake
    This is my happy place.  This view.  Now picture this view with the breeze slightly blowing, the soft hum of boats in the distance, and wind chimes creating the perfect background music. Perfection.  Summer means I get to enjoy my happy place.
  1. Read, Read, Readphoto
    I love to read, and I love to read in the summer.  In the winter and spring, I even start thinking about all the books I want to read in the summer.  And yes, the picture is my stack for this summer.   I can’t wait.  There are a couple of others I would like to get but I’m trying to have self control.  What can I say?  I’m a therapy nerd.  I love to read about what I do. 🙂  (BTW, I started Jesus Feminist last weekend… very good!)
  1. Slowing Downslow sign with turtle silhouette
    I try to limit commitments in the summer so this time can be an intentionally slower season.   I’ll admit I’m not the best at staying balanced 24/7, but summer is my finish line, so to speak.  It is my time to slow down.  Summer means resetting so that I am ready to dive into fall.
  1. My Loved Oneswomen-laughing
    For me, summer is about seeing my loved ones.  Whether that is dinner with friends, going to visit family, or family coming in town, this season just always seems to be synonymous with connection.  Let the laughter and storytelling commence!


So here’s to summer!  In honor of this season, I thought I would do another giveaway (plus it has been forever since my last giveaway!).   Comment below with what summer means to you or why you are looking forward to this summer in particular, and I will do a drawing at the end of this week for two $15 Amazon gift cards!  I would love to hear from you!  Have a fabulous and fantastic summer!

Laura - Summer used to mean a LOT to me as a teacher. Now that I stay at home with two littles, it’s not exactly the layout in the sun kind of relaxing of yesteryear. 😉 But I love the longer days and the more casual attitude in the air. I love my flip flops too!

Melissa King - Grilling out, sun, sand, pool, flip flops and family memories!

Julie - Summer?….Ahhhh:) It holds so much feeling, sensation, wonder and familiarity. During the Fall I love to contract into the hearth of my home, my chocolate-brown boots, and roasted root veggies. During summer it’s all about expanding by exposing skin to the sun, wearing my hair up a lot, letting the kids swim in the pool till their fingers are webbed. It’s about being in nature, appreciating blue hot skies and being a lounge lizard, guilt-free! I have a stack of books as well- Living Beautifully, Pema Chondron; Hold On To Your Kids, Gordon Neufeld; Treating Adult Children Of Alcoholics. Stephanie Brown; and Self-Compassion, Kristin Neff, which I hope to read more of in the long days of summer. Summer brings energy, appreciation of life and joy in the simplicity

Jamie - I love that it’s still light outside for 3 hours when I get home from work! Makes Mon-Fri more tolerable when there’s still time to go for a walk, grill out or sit on the porch. 🙂

Lisa - Loooooooong sunny days and evenings!

Norman DeLisle - For me Summertime is riding the city bus with my granddaughter out to the beach, a two-hour ride, where she can listen to CDs on the CD player I got her for her birthday while I daydream about the Endless Summer and See You in September. It’s a time that we can spend together, away from cell phones and the computer, and just enjoy each other. He is only seven now but before I turn around, she is going to be 17 and I want her memories of summer to be pleasant.

Kerry - This summer is the first in many YEARS that my husband, stepson, and I will be able to go on a real vacation for an entire week!! It is very special since my stepson is getting older and especially because he asked to go away with my husband and I! I feel so blessed!!!!

Jolene Nelson - The Summer means to me (this year in particular)starting a new chapter in my life. I will be married on the 2nd of August. This summer to me means preparation and self-care. This summer means to me the start of something new and exciting.

Maryam - Summer for me is taking the time out to be around family,friends and of course myself. I love the outdoors and take advantage of the beautiful California weather!

Nicolle Petticrew - Summer means my son going to Summer Camp. It means fireworks on the fourth of July and Rita’s water ice. Dipping toes in the ocean, making sand castles, being a kid all over again.

Carter - Summer for this grateful teacher:
not being bound by an alarm clock, the bliss of unscheduled time, going out to lunch (beyond the school cafeteria), impromptu dates with friends, more quality time with family, the feel of sand between your toes, the smells of cookouts, sunscreen, and sweet magnolias, writing letters, reading or playing guitar for hours, and a watermelon-stained, smiling mouth about it all. 🙂
Thanks, Mazi!

Cath - I’m excited for summer to enjoy leisure books (and I’m curious to investigate the books you are reading). But I’m especially excited to work toward accomplishing the experiences on my summer bucket list (e.g. Standup Paddleboard Yoga!) It’s motivating to have a limited amount of beautiful weather and a checklist of fun things to accomplish before the warmth is gone.

Judy - Summer is “sweat therapy”, as one of my friends calls gardening. We enjoy digging in the dirt and watching each new flower come up. Even weeding isn’t so bad when you consider the outcome. Freshly mowed grass is nice too — especially if my husband cuts it and not me! And if it rains, your set of books look like a lot of fun, especially those titles on shame.

Christopher L Smith - Summer has meant different things to me. This year, it means enjoying the new growth that has been planted. Beyond the literal level of the green grass and the flowers with their accompanying bird chirpings, this year it is the finishing and publishing if at least one book, the seeing of residents blossoming in my practice and the beginning of new directions in other parts of my work.

Audrey - Summer for me means visiting my parents in California. Fresh fruit and vegetables from my mom’s garden, homemade pesto, walks downtown for our city’s Wednesday night farmers market, salt water taffy on the beach, visiting our county fair and spending afternoons on the golf course… I love visiting home year round, but summers are always the best 🙂

miller - Summer is a perfect time to reduce the workload and up the fun. Baseball games, BBQ’s, and great times with friends and family. Loving it!

Anita France - Summertime is freeing,free for new experiences, colors, love and laughter with breeze on my face hanging out with loved ones, sharing with them the doom of the winter and opening up like flowers to the light of the sunshine.

Sunna Murphy - Ahhh summer, the return of the light! I suffer with seasonal affective disorder,so the winter months are very hard on me. Summer feels like nourishment. The feel of sunlight on your skin is like a great big hug!

Ashleigh - Summer means longer, slower days, grilling out with friends, and lots of time with loved ones. This year, I look forward to actually having much more time to enjoy those summer days having quit my 9-5 job. I really look forward to going to the pool with friends and hanging out with my mom and sister on the weekdays. 🙂

Sarah - I love summer. Summer is time. Time to unwind, time to run, time to cook, time to do nothing and everything.

Vera - I am going to have to be a downer. I do not particularly enjoy summer. I appreciate the change it gives me to go on a family vacation, but for me it adds stress. For a working mom with school aged kids, summer means losing your routine and having an endless stream of routine change as you go from one camp/activity to another. Plus it is really hot. Where I live it is miserable to be outside for most of July and August. Also I don’t like pools or beaches. Ask for comments again in the fall and I’ll be full of praise.

Amy Brown - As a teacher, summer means the end and new beginnings at the same time. You have just finished up one year, but you are already busily preparing for the next. It also means flip-flops, family time, and fun!

Ze - Summer means… long days, warm nights, good friends and family gathering together, food, worship and communion. Summer means… water sports, gardening, eating fruits and fresh vegetables, produce markets on the square, outdoor theater and music concerts. Summer means enjoying the color, the scents, the sights, the sounds and the sun on our shoulders melting away the chilly, gray days of winter

Kristen - I love the summer weather, sundresses & sandals, and going camping.

Janice Cooper - Summer for me means sunshine and beautiful days. I love being outside sitting on my back porch during those nice summer evenings, barbecuing, walks in the park, going to the beach, amusement parks and the sound of the ice cream truck.

B - Summer means… Seven weeks of no work, anticipating the new students along with their rewarding challenges, going to yoga class in the morning and again in the evening, visiting the botanical garden anytime I feel like and staying as long as I want to, sitting on the back deck and enjoying the sounds and sights of nature, eating ice cream at the pool with friends, stopping by my parents house in the middle of the day for no reason and feeling how happy it makes them, watering my flowers, wearing a hat for days, the sound of flip flops and remembering who I am and what I like to do for just me…

Kimberly Campbell - Summer means to me….being outside, our annual 4th of July celebration in our cul-de-sac, a lake trip, and watching my teenage daughter enjoy “fun time” either at camp or loafing around. Lest I forget the cool drinks on the front porch.

Jen - Berries dipped in or dolloped with whipped cream. Being able to sit contentedly outside watching the sky while the sun sets. Riding a bike without a destination, stopping to check out any small thing that captures my attention. Grass imprints on legs and arms from lounging. Ice cream on the deck!

Daniel M - looking forward to hittin the beach with my friends